Zero-day attack



Many hackers today use a serval type of cyber attack . We heard about the DOS/DDOS attack , MITM ( Man In The Middle ) …..



So , with this huge library of cyber attacks , which is dangerous to practice it , even kind some hard to use if your have a little bit of knowledge , this could be the most dangerous one .

So what is zero-Day attack ?
When we say zer0-day attack, the literal translation is a zer0-day attack. If I told any ordinary person a zero-day attack, I just might not understand what I’m talking about. This attack is a hacker attack. A new vulnerability is discovered. For the first time, a virus or Trojan can be downloaded to the Internet for the first time, so a virus-killer or anti-virus can not detect it.

The zer0-day attack is one of the most dangerous hack attacks. Once hacked, hackers hack to exploit them before developers know about the vulnerability and fix it. This attack can also be applied to end-of-end applications and software