Windows 10 Creators Update , features

Microsoft announced four days ago on its blog to launch a new update to the version of Windows 10, which came as “Windows 10 Creators”.

So , in this post , and like usually , team will share this update with you.



As first step , before talking about “Windows 10 Creator Update ” features , let’s talk how to update to this unique version.

Go to the official web page for Microsoft  , or , just click here to download directly the tools .

Once the tools is downloaded , execute it , and wait until it finish ( the computer may restart many times).

Once you complete the upgrade to Windows 10 creators update you will see many new option like :

  • Paint 3D

After officially launching a new version of the Paintbrush, which came under the name of Paint 3D in 2016, Microsoft is now adding it as a default program in Windows 10 Creators. The role of Paint 3D is simply that you can design shapes and 3D characters from scratch as you can from editing to ready-made characters, in addition it allows you to convert 2D graphics to 3D easily and with a single click.

















  • Remix 3D

Is just a community that came with the Windows 10 Creators, through this community you can communicate with many designers and forwarders to benefit from their experiences as well as the participation of ideas and projects, and you can take this community as a source of inspiration to you.















  • Windows Mixed Reality

Is a new service from Microsoft make you live virtual reality experience very very wonderful and exciting and affordable, of course this experience can now live by updating your system to the Windows 10 Creators.












  • Cortana help

In the Windows 10 Creators version, Microsoft’s assistant Cortana goes with you wherever you go between the system applications. It has been integrated with many applications in the system to help you and always go on track either by voice help or even text help












  • Books over Windows Store

A new section of Windows has been added to this system under the name “Books”. which shows us that books are now available on this store, you can now download your favorite books from the store windows easily.















  • Dim blue light

Now with the Windows 10 Creators you can reduce the blue light emitted from the screen at night. And this will benefit you a lot in maintaining the safety of your eyes as well as my luck with a good night’s sleep.













So guys , that’s all we have about the update to ” windows 10 creators” features . team will report you with any other update , stay tuned .