What is going on with Samsung ?

Few days ago , Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 Plus have issue with a red screen on it .

Samsung already fix this problem with an update . But , problems is appear again , this time many users complain about Random restarts on some devices .

While it is still unclear what can be caused by a bug, it seems that the problem still exists to the limits of the clock in both the S8 and S8 +, many have complained of being affected by Reddit, XDA Developers and the Samsung US Community page.

Some users considered that the problem might be caused by a malfunction with the microSD storage card and advised that the card be removed so that the device would function normally as a temporary fix, while others said that the problem persists even after removing the storage card.

many have tried hard resets and returning their devices to factory settings. While those methods have provided relief for a few individuals, they do not appear to be working for everyone. Several customers have complained of exchanging their phones through their carrier or retailer, only to find that the issue still persists on the new device.

Random reboots aren’t the first issue users have reported with Samsung’s latest smartphones. In South Korea, the company had to release a software update after some users complained about a red tint on the Galaxy S8’s display. According to users complains , the phone is restart randomly on the 10 first hours of use.

It is widely believed that the problem is mainly a software problem and not a hardware. And Samsung is expected to launch a new update to fix the problem as it did with the problem of red screen in South Korea.