windows 10 or any windows operation system need an update, and an updated operation system is secure system and that mean that version has great support always fixed their bugs.
there are many reasons you should know about updating windows 10 before you stop it.

Reason to update windows 10

every operation system have security bugs and the update is the only way to fix this bugs to everyone, and of course, you want to be secure.

2.start menu
every update comes with new features one of this the start menu in windows 10 is changing every update

3. Cortana

for Cortana lovers ( i am one of them), is great to talk your device makes you more comfortable and fell like you are in future, when you say “hi Cortana”, “play music” or “take a note”.

with a new update, Cortana is gone to be more smart and fast. store

I know, there is not many people use the windows 10 store but, However for the windows store users the update it’s the source of new apps. games

if you are a gamer, you probably love the integration with Xbox that comes with Windows 10, the update it’s the source of new games and new features between your Xbox and your PC.

This is once of the important think about ” why you should update windows 10″ but if want to stop it or make it manually just follow this steps.

How To Turn Off Automatic Update In Windows 10

windows 10 not like the old version of windows operation system like windows 7 or 8 I  mean  windows 10 have not option to turn off Windows updates from control panel,  so you have to turn it off from another place.


click  windows button +R

and write services.msc click ok


Go to windows Update and click right to Properties

#step 3

go to Type de démmarage ( startup type ) and change it from automatic to disable or manual


click  Apply 

and after you do this easy steps you should reboot your system and it’s done.