Trojan Virus, you may know what is it, but If you don’t know, it’s OK you are in the right place.                                      Today I write this Post to provides an introduction to trojan horse virus and some basic concepts behind them.
I prefer this information only for education and use it for protecting yourself.

in This Post you will be introduced to the following topics:

  • What is Trojan Virus?

  •  Purpose of Trojan.

  • Indications of a Trojan Attack

  • How To Deploy a Trojan.

  • How Trojan Evading Antivirus

  • Type Of Trojan Virus.

  • Anti-Trojan Software.

What is Trojan Virus?

Trojan virus

Trojan virus is a program in wich the malicious or harmful code is contained inside apparently harmless programming or data in such as a way that it can get control and cause damage, such aq running the file allocation table on your hard disk.
simply, the trojan virus is a program when his installing himself on your machine, he will allow the attacker to get control of your machine and have access to all your files.
With The help of a trojan, the attacker gets access to the stored passwords in the trojan computer and would be able to read personal documents, delete files and display pictures, and show the message on the screen.


Purpose of Trojan.

Trojan Viruses are the dangerous malicious programs that can affect computer systems without the victim knowledge.The purpose of Trojans:

  • Delete or replace the operation system’s critical files.
  • Record Screenshot, audio, and video of the victim PC.
  • Generate a fake traffic to create a DDoS attack.
  • Steal Information such as passwords, security codes and credit card information using keyloggers.
  • Creat backdoor to gain remote access.
  • Use a victim PC as a botnet to perform a DDoS attack.
  • Use a Victim PC for spamming and blasting email message.


Indications of a Trojan Attack.

Trojan virus

trojan Horses are designed to steal data and demolish your system.
it creates a bridge to attackers to intrude into your system in stealth mode, the trojan can enter in your system using various means such as email attachments, downloads, instant message, open port, etc




The following are some indication that you may notice on your system when is attacked by the trojan:

  • CD-ROM drawer opens and closes by itself.
  • Computer browser is redirected to unknown pages.
  • Documents or messages are printed from the printer.
  • Strange chat boxes appear on Target’s Computer.
  • The account password is changed or unauthorized access.
  • Strange purchase statement appears in the credit card bill.
  • Abnormal activity by the modem, network adapter, or hard drive.
  • The function of the right and left mouse buttons are reversed.


How To Deploy a Trojan .

Trojan virus

in order to gain control over the victim machine, an attacker creates a trojan server, and then he sends an email containing the link of the trojan server. Once the victim clicks on the link sent by the attacker, it connects him or her directly with the trojan server.
the trojan server sends the trojan.exe to the victim system. the attacker installs the trojan, infecting the victim machine. as a result, the victim is connected to the attack server unknowingly.
once the victim connects to the trojan server, the attacker takes complete control over the victim system and do what he want..


How Trojan Evading Antivirus.

The following are the various techniques used by Trojans, Viruses, and Worms to evade most of the antivirus software:

  • Never Use Trojan Downloaded from the web, antivirus detects this easily.
  • Write your own Trojan and embed it into an application.
  • break the trojan file into multiple pieces.
  • change the trojan syntax, convert an EXE to VB script, DOC or PPT file.
  • Change the content of the trojan using a hex editor.


Type Of Trojan Virus.


there is a lot of Trojan Types, But I will show you the famous Types:
Command shell Trojan:
The command shell trojan gives remote control of a command shell on the victim machine.The trojan server is installed on the victim machine, wich opens a port for the attacker to connect.The client is installed on the attacker machine, wich is used to launch a command shell on the victim machine.
Botnet Trojan:
Botnet Trojan infects a large number of the computer across a large geographical area to create a network of bots that is controlled through a command and control center (C&C).
A botnet is used to launch various attacks on victim including Denial-of-Service attack, Spamming, Click Fraud, and the theft of financial information.
E-banking Trojan:
A banker Trojan is malicious programs that allow obtaining personal information about user and clients using online banking and payment systems.
Email Trojan:
The attacker gains remote control of the victim computer by sending an email message.Then he can retrieve files or folders by sending a command through email.
The attackers use open relay SMPT server and fake the email FROM field to hide origin.
FTP trojan:
an FTP Trojan is the type of trojan that is designed to open port 21 and make the target system accessible to the installs an FTP user(ver on the target machine allowing the attacker to gain access to sensitive data and download/upload files/programs through the FTP protocol.


Anti-Trojan Software.

Anti-Trojan software provides protection to your computer system and the information stored on it by blocking various malicious threats such as trojan, worms, viruses, backdoors, etc.
A few of anti-trojan Software programs that ae used for killing trojans are listed as follow:


Importantactually, you can’t Stop all The Trojans With This anti-Trojan, because the Profosionell hacker will make you install his trojan with many ways, especially when he use social engineering just be careful and be smart :).

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