Snake game on FaceBook messanger


A lot of you was enjoying while he playing the famous game on the leagendary Nokia 3310 witch is the snake classic game . But fortunaly , this game die with Nokia 3310 .

A few days ago, facebook announced that the game is back on messanger application for facebook .

Who get the snake game on messanger ?

  • First , gaming platform for messanger is not available for all users , just few countries . So unnstall the app as a first step .
  • Second, download a vpn app like turbo vpn or else .
  • One you install the vpn open it and chose play store so you can connect your market from other countrie .
  • Reinstall the messanger app again .
  • Connect to your Facebook account normally .

When you complete , you will see a gamepad symbol on the discussion popup. Press it and look for the snake symbole then press Play.

Also there is more games , check it .

The same thing for ios users .