Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to a robot (SOPHIA)

5 November 2017 - Home, Tech news
Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to a robot (SOPHIA)

SOPHIA Robot  the saudi arabia citizent

Not to far from tech world , But this time we gonna talk about Robots.

At the Future Investment Initiative Economic Forum held in Riyadh from 24 to 26 October, Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot. A first in the world, which is not without causing some controversy




This does not prevent the decision to be controversial. Because in a country where women have just obtained the right to drive and are still subject to the guardianship of men in many areas, the recognition of a machine as a full citizen raises questions.

If Sophia is now Saudi, is she not subject to the same legislation as the others? This is certainly what some users are asking, not without highlighting the paradoxes that result.


Robot Sophia delivered a speech at the event, expressing her pleasure in this event and her aspirations to serve people. This is the most sophisticated robot with a high level of artificial intelligence.

In addition to being able to express facial features in a simulated way to human facial expressions.

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