Release of the first hand-spinner phone (video)

29 October 2017 - Home, Tech news
Release of the first hand-spinner phone (video)

Spinner VS Phone

Spinner Phone ? Weird isn’t ?

But not any more , yes guys , because Chilli International released a new phone in Spinner form .




In October 2017  ,Hong Kong-based mobile technology company Chilli International Holding (HK) Ltd
has just released on the market the first phone-spinner, called “K188”.

It is a phone in the form of an 8 with two branches, instead of three as on the hand-spinner, and incorporates in its center the ball bearing that allows it to turn.

This phone that costs only 20 dollars does not have a touch screen and does not allow access to the internet.

Its screen is 1.4 inches and the phone has a memory of 8 GB extensible. And Powered by a 280mAh battery

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