PlayStation 3 production to be stopped

PlayStation 3 is going to die ???? poste in last week a new about the new PlayStation5 .

But earlier in this week , Sony out with a bad new for gammer .


The company is officially announced she will stop producing PS3.


The company hasn’t announced the date that production will come to an end, or made a public announcement about it. But on Sony’s website it lists the 500GB standard model as the only one remaining in production in the country, and states that “shipments are scheduled to end soon”.  But in 2006 .  Sony had set the life of her platform in 10 years.

More than 85.5 million units have been sold since it was officially launched in late 2006 for 599 euros/unit .

Fortunately, end of production dons’t mean anything will happend to the existent console . But it mean there is no support from SONY Entertaiment.

R.I.P PlayStation 3