All we know that Nmap is the most popular Hacking tool ,  it’s also the most powerful network scanner and analyzer.

This tool is one of the important tools you have to master to become a good hacker or pentester, So learning Nmap is a must.

there are more than 283 million windows user

while Nmap was a Unix tool In 2000 Nmap Group was released a Windows version and become the second popular Nmap Platform (Behind Linux).

so today you will seeWhat is the good/bad in Nmap windows version.

                                      How to install Nmap o windows.

                                     How to use Nmap (important command line ).

The advantage of Nmap Windows

well, if you want the truth there is no advantage to using nmap window version , but for the windows users they have to try testing with nmap but she will not give you the exact perfermence like nmap in unix version.

 The Bad Thinks of Nmap Windows(Zenmap).

actually,  there is not bad think but nmap is the hacking tool  and you now if you are hacker I think you will not love the graphical mode, all hackers and pantsesteres love terminal mode and love to use keyboard more than mouse, I think hacking tools have to be a terminal mode” is fell more dramatical .

 How to install Nmap o windows.

step1 : Download Nmap

go and download Latest stable release self-installer: nmap-7.40-setup.exe

nmap windows

step2 : install nmap

The install is very easy just execute and ” I Agree”  next-next-next.
nmap windows

nmap windowsAnd less than 3min it’s done.

Nmap /Zenmap Is Install In your Desktop.

Step3 : Open it



  How to use Nmap | Zenmap (important command line ).

nmap windows or Zenmap is a graphical interface that means it’s easy to use. more easy that nmap “terminal”.

For make a quick scan just put your IP in the Target Box(Cible in the picture ).

To Know Your IP adress Go to CMD and tape ” ipconfig “

Scan Multiple IP Addresses:


Scan a Subnet:


Exclude Targets from Nmap scan:

nmap –exclude
TCP Null Scan:

nmap -sN

TCP Fin Scan:

nmap -sF

Scan for All Ports:

nmap -p "*"

and there are more and more but guys  for who want more about Nmap Or Zenmap you can download this books .


nmap mastering

Mastering The Nmap Scripting Engine.








nmap essensials

Nmap Essentials.









Nmap 6 : Network Exploration and Security Auditing Cookbook.









if you want more details about any hacking tool just comment.