like I told you befor . this time gonna see what you should do after installing kali Linux.
most of the important things are to UPDATE and UPGRADE your kali Linux but first, you have

to check your source.list file.

so we will see

What is sources.list

How to fix kali Linux source.list


  • What Is source.list

source.list  is .txt file contain a list of links wich provide information about packages repositories

for your operation system.

the source.list file is an integral part of your kali Linux package management system and is key

of security of your system, this file defines wich download server you trust and wish you

want to acquire software


the update and the upgrade of your system gonna  be from this links that are mean every package

must be trusted.

don't forget ou are Linux user Security is first. Don't put any untrusted links in your sources.list
  •  How To Fix kali Linux source.list

now you are in the easy part just follow this steps

Open Terminal And Write leafpad /etc/apt/source.list

you will see your source.list just like that

If You Have kali Linux Rolling Put This

deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free
deb-src kali-rolling main contrib non-free

if you have kali Linux sana put this

 deb sana main non-free contribs
deb-src sana main non-free contribs
Save Your  source.list and  Back To Terminal And Tip apt-get update

And it was done

I hope this article is useful for you Linux users

if anyone has any  question  just  leave a comment