Many of people install the kali Linux or any others system in VM but really this is a fault

I prefer using live boot  USB drive and without deleting my system,  and for  many reasons

For example:

  1. You use all your computer resources (CPU, RAM, GPU…)
  2. You take no space for your hard drive
  3. And especially you can take your os any computer you use

Just Follow me

Step 1: Get what you need

Kali Linux iso image




And also You need And you just need a USB flash drive of at least 4 GB with nothing on it

Step2: Execute

Execute  Rufus  and start the opération

Click on the drive button and choose the iso image of kali

Click OK

 Step3: Start

are just a few minutes and your USB gonna be booted

you will find all the files of kali Linux in the USB after that  check this

And now every think is great you can go and start using your kali

I hope this article is useful for newbies who are getting their heads messed up with VMs instead of just booting up Kali and getting their heads messed up by using Kali.


I will explain  what we should do after installing kali Linux