cydiaif you are Tech lover and you always search about new technology and new tutorials,

you probably see the term ” jailbreak ” and of course, you want to know about this term.

Congrats !! you are in the right place because today i will show you all about jailbreak.

what is jailbreak !!

why you should jailbreak your device !!

jailbreak risks !!

and finally you will see how to jailbreak any iPhone and iPad with IOS 10.2 and under

     What is the jailbreak

jailbreak exactly like unlocking and take all the control of your device, because the normal

user have many limitations I mean they just download from the App store and they have to

pay for many apps, also they can’t customize they home screen it’s really bad,  but with jailbreak

your iDevice will be free  from this limitation and you will do anything you want  in other meaning you are the super user.

    Why you should jailbreak

like i told before after jailbreak you will do very beautiful things with your device.


one of the great things is you can download all the paid apps from your App store and also you can

download from other sources .


like android IOS have big store of hacking apps and with jailbreak you can run all this apps

and you will be change your device into very powerful hacking tool , their is lot of cool apps

you can’t run it just withe jailbreak device.


you can change your theme in every way possible, remove and install new themes   or you can

transform your iPone into Android .


iFile is offers a complete file manger and viewer and editor, she give you full access to the file system

and of course you can edit this files


iCought Pro is great app it take a picture of the person who enter the wrong password using the front camera

and prevent someone from turning off your device, and more …

     Jailbreak risks

many of people doesn’t know the risks of Jailbreak but really if you read this article serusly

you have to know all risks  because every think in your responsibility

Your Accounts Are Vulnerable

In 2015, a piece of malware called KeyRaider stole over 225,000 Apple account details. Because a jailbroken device doesn’t keep apps from accessing information they shouldn’t, a little app can access any information on your phone. That includes your Apple account information, banking apps, PayPal details, and anything else it can find.

forget the updating

of cause the jailbroken devices can’t update and if you allow the update the device might get bricked,

you know  every IOShave their jailbreak and you must wait to find the jailbreak of the new version

they may take weeks or months.

It voids the warranty

This was already mentioned, but it is important enough to mention again.  If your iPad is still in warranty, jailbreaking will void it.

    How Tow Jailbreak IOS 10.2

I has been explained all the details about the jailbreak and if u still want to do it this is your best

part jailbreak IOS 10.2 step by step


go to  this link:


scroll down you will find this

you will find all the details in the site but i will explain more.

this method you can’t download Cydia but you will download an other app

but you this app are injected with Cydia


open this app and wait about 30 sec  this time when Cydia are installing in the background

after that reboot your device

you will see this

Cangarts it’s Done you will find Cydia in Your device


This video will show you exactly what i explained

” NOTICE :  because jailbreak is illegal in many country  . and Geek Team don’t take any responsibility of how you use this methods “