welcome guys to this new post, Today I will provide you an introduction to the hacker and some basic concept behind them.
in This Post you will be introduced to the Following topics:

  • Who is a hacker?

  • Hacker classes.

  • How to become a hacker.

  • Best Hackers Ever.


1.Who is a hacker?

Well, a hacker is a person who illegally breaks into a system or network without any authorization to destroy, steal sensitive data, or perform malicious attacks.
Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons:

Intelligent individuals with excellent computer skills, with the ability to create and explore the computer’s software and hardware.
For some hackers, hacking is just a hobby to see haw many computers or networks they can compromise.
some hacks with malicious intent, such as stealing business data, credit card information, passwords, etc.


2.Hacker classes.

actually, many people they know just to kind of hackers ( black hate and white hate).
but No, hackers are mainly divided into eight classes:


Black Hate:

black hat hacker
Individuals with extraordinary computing skills, resorting to malicious or destructive activities and are also known as crackers.
In other Way, Black Hate Are the bad guys.
They use their skills in finding vuln liberties in various networks including defense and government websites, banking and finance, etc.
where was the money, where was the black hats.


white Hats:white hat hacker


are individuals who possess hacking skills and use them for defensive purposes; they are also known as security analysts.
these days, almost security analysts to defend their system against the malicious attacks.
white hats help companies secure their networks from outside intruders, and trust me they get so much money for this job.


Gray Hats:

Gray hat Hacker
Gray hats are the individuals who work both offensively and defensively at various times.
Gray hates might help hackers by finding vulnerabilities of a systems or networks and ate the same time they help vendors to improve products( software or hardware) by checking limitation and making theme secure, ETC.


Suicide Hackers:

Suicide Hacker
Suicide Hackers are an individual who aims to bring down the critical infrastructure for a “cause” and are not worried about facing 30 years in jail for their actions.
suicide hackers are closely related to suicide bombers, who sacrifice their life for attack and are not concerned with the consequence of their action. there has been a rise in cyber terrorism in recent years.


Cyber Terrorists:

terrorist hacker
cyber terrorists could be people or organization groups formed by a terrorist organization, that have a wide range of skilled, motivated by religious or political beliefs, to create fear by large-scale disruption of computer networks this type of hacker is more dangerous as they can hack not only a website but whole internet zones.


Spy Hacker:

spy hacker

Spy hackers are individuals who are employed by an organization to penetrate and gain trade secret of the competitor.these insiders can take advantage of the privileges they have to hack a system or networks.


State-Sponsored Hackers:

goverment hacker
state-sponsored hackers are individuals employed by the government to penetrate and gain top-secret information and to damage information systeùs of other governments.


Script Kiddies:

Script Kiddies: hacker

Script Kiddies are the unskilled Hackers who compromise systems by running script, tools, and software developed by real hackers.
They utilize small, easy-to-use program or script as well as distinguished techniques to find and exploit the vulnerabilities of a machine.
Script Kiddies usually Focus onThe quantity of attacks rather than the quality of the attacks that they initiate.


3.How to become a hacker.


Hacker doesn’t mean “to use hacking tools which made by professional or by other hackers” if you do use hacking tools you would call “cracker” or “noob” in the hackers world.

Becoming a hacker is not an easy job, it needs a lot of interest, passion and lot of work. If you are interested in hacking or in the cyber world then it’s not a tough job for you to become a hacker.

So let us elaborate in steps for becoming a hacker


1. Learn about basic computer stuff (using operating system, and other stuff)

Learn using operating system, fixing every problem you face in your PC, then you should use multiple operating systems like Linux or more,


2. Learn about networking concepts

Learn about networking concepts, new networking terms (protocols, IP addresses, HTTP, FTP and more).


3. Learn c programming language or Javascript

c programming language is the first language picked mostly for learning programming.


4. Learn PHP scripting language

As per the professional hackers, PHP is much more useful for hacking into web entities, PHP is also useful for web developing.


5. Try to understand how hacking tools work

You can use hacking tools which are made by experts, but this won’t make you a hacker, more a script kiddie or noob (this is real hackers would call you). In order to get a real hacker, you need to understand how hacking tools work and be able to code them even yourself.


6. Learn about new malware and Viruses

Every week new malware is being introduced to the cyber world which is made by black hats, in order to gain fame, earn money or more. Learn about malware through hacking websites.
Do some research on them, particularly about how they are working.


7.Learn About Reverse Engineering

assembly is low-level programming but is complicated. reverse engineering uses assembly language, and if want to learn reverse engineering you must need to learn assembly languages.


8. Try to make tools with Python, Ruby, and Perl

Python and Ruby are a widely used programming language, you can use Python for making your own hacking tools, or other programming languages in which you are good, but Python is the most preferred language used by hackers for making hacking tools.


9. Most important step is secure yourself from being hacked

Before starting into hacking stuff, it is important to secure yourself from being caught or being hacked by using a VPN or other methods.


10. Spend a lot of time with hacking and programming

The more time you spend with hacking or programming, the more you’ll become stronger.


Best Hackers Ever.


 Gray Mckinnon

Well, This not a hacker, This is a genius.
he hacked nearly 100 American military and NASA servers in just one year, also he managed to delete sensitive data,  software, and files, and the US government spent over 700.000 to recover from the damage.


Jonathon james



he hacked into Bell South, The Miami -Dae school system,  NASA, The Department of Defence and stole software said to have been worth 1.7 million from the government.


Kevin Mitnch

when he was 15 he bypasses the punch card system for Los Angeles city buses, to get free tickets.
later he graduated to the big time by breaking into the networks of Nokia, IBM, Motorola, and a few others companies.


Hamza bendelladj

Hamza bendelladj

Hamza or The smiling Hacker is Algerian hacker and the FBI say that Hamza bendelladj one of the most dangerous hackers ever.
he hacked 217 banks and made more than 4000 million USD.
donated more than 280 million to Palestine and Africa.

Vladimir Levin

Vladimir Levin

This hacker with three others transferred a portion of 10.7 to his bank account from a handful of large Citibank accounts from all over the world. all while sitting in his apartment in ST. Petersburg.


Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev

Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev

This guy is the most wanted by the FBI
FBI reward 3Million Dollars reward for the information leading to direct arrest or conviction of this hacker.
Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev infect more than 1 million computer with his malware and resulted in more than 100 million dollars.
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