Hackers playing around Google Gmail

Google users are exposed to a massive onslaught of hacking their accounts via Gmail via a message from someone they know.


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In the message you are asked to access a document from Google Docs (Google Docs), beware to do and fall into the trap. If you do this, hackers can access your documents stored on Google Drive and have the ability to send e-mail messages to your knowledge, thus expanding piracy.

Here’s what you should do:

Do not click on the Google Drive link even if you know the sender

Do not click on the link “Open in Google Docs” (Ouvrir dans Google Docs). Do not hesitate to ask your friend and confirm if he has sent that message. The email is sent to an anonymous person, while your email address is in the box of the covert recipient (copie cachée Cci).

In case you clicked so you can remove the pirates:

Go to g.co/SecurityCheckup and you will be able to verify the security parameters (paramètres de sécurité) for your Google account. If any unknown application, delete it.

Protect your Google Account

By activating the double-identifier (authentication) and also change the password if you have doubts.

Feel free to notify Google teams.

If you receive a suspicious message, you can notify the Google teams and click on the exclamation point at the top of the spam message.

You can also click on the small arrow at the top right of the email and notify that the message is spam (Spam)