To be a hacker you should not just understand the commands and access to them, but you should be familiar with the entire system of the device you want to penetrate, today not only penetration on computers or servers, but beyond these devices to others may be surprised that it is vulnerable to penetration.

actually, today there is a lot of new thinks are connected to the internet,and the tochnology are passed to the next level  and that’s mean hackers can hack this new targets.
in this article, you will see 5 crazy think hacker can Breakthrough

Fuel station

there is a lot of smart fuel pumps now and they are connected to the internet and of course, that’s mean hackers can easily attack this.
one of the possible attacks is to make Dos to the pumps and stop her work for days, he can easily change the volume of the fuel or get what they want for free.

Smart Toilet


haha haha really  Toilets.
yes, even toilets will not be safe and reassuring.
These concerns started when the Japanese company Satis revealed a smart bath that you can control with your smartphone. But with all this technology, this toilet may not be safe from hackers who can cause these latrines to remain in endless discharge cycles, as well as full control of air purifiers, automatic hoods, and lights, as well as sounds.

This can cause panic and inconvenience to customers as well as the owner of the place that may pay the bill of water and electricity doubling, or more.

Insulin Pump

smart insulin pumps

Well, The insulin pump is a medical device used to give insulin in the treatment of diabetes, also known as the treatment of leakage of insulin under the skin continuous.

This pump, of course, has become sophisticated and enables you to communicate between doctor and patient, making it a potential target for the hackers. Some control this device, you can hacker to send false information to it and even change the doses given to the patient and this may cause a risk to health.

Of course, this scenario was proven by Jay Radcliffe, a computer expert and diabetes therapist after his presentation of the 2011 trial in which he was able to send orders to an insulin pump over the Internet. Radcliffe succeeded in controlling the insulin dose, and of course overdose deaths.

Electric Skateboards

smart skiboard

One Of the things as well that you may not think is porous and controllable is the electric skateboard. One of the most reliable researchers has proved that it is possible, by exploiting the Bluetooth network between the remote control and the product itself, for full access to commands and control. In this case the hackers can turn off the board, change its track as well as disable the brakes or increase the speed.


smart weapons

really weapons!!!!

 The couple Rona Sandvik and Michael Oger have proved that it is possible to penetrate the weapon system via Wi-Fi connection and exploit the weaknesses of the smart gun system. In this case, the hacker can launch the bullet and the semi-total control in this weapon when it is in the unhandled position.

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