The End For Android Nougat . Welcome Android “O”

As well as all of what is new , by Geeks-Team  provide you all what is new .

So , today , we will talk more about the famous OS for smartphones . Witch is Android (By Google ).


In the official website for Google Android . Google announced she will never provide Android Nougat anymore . Moving by this step to Android “O ” that we talk about it and his features in our web site here .

And this is what Google says in her website.

The beta testing phase of Android Nougat is over. The beta version of Android O will

soon be available.

Thank you for your interest in Android Beta. The beta tests of Android Nougat are now

complete and the public version has been deployed on all participating devices. If you

are still running a beta version of Nougat, you can download and transfer a complete OTA

image for your device. This will not erase data from your device. We will update this

site when launching Android Beta for Android O.

In the meantime, you can interact with other interested users by joining the G +

community of the Android Beta program.

As far for now , The company has launched a preview version of Android O developers before, and is expected to launch the pilot program of the system in the coming months.

Most of this year’s phones came with Android Noga, which is still working on 10% of the current Android devices only, while the older versions have the lion’s share. As for the new system, we are likely to see its launch with next year’s hardware.

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