New OS by Google Fuchsia OS






If anyone is asked which operating system for the most famous smartphones and the use of the world. the answer will certainly be the Android system, which helped greatly in the development of the level of smart phones and also contributed to the spread on a large scale.Thanks to Android, anyone can have a smart phone. It’s a system that can adapt to any kind of hardware, as well as being an open source system. But will the Android remain steadfast for years to come?.

Recently, Google has unveiled the veil of confidentiality for a new operating system.which will appear in smart phones and tablets in the future. the first information and published confirms that Google is working on the development of the new mobile operating system. which became known as Fuchsia OS.

The new system will be built on a completely new kernel called “Magenta” that Google has worked on for nearly a year and will be separate on Linux unlike Android.

As shown in the published image. this new system does not only depend on a new kernel. but will rely on a completely new graphic shell called Armadillo. It is also written in the programming language of Google Dart. Here’s a short video that shows you how this new release will be:

Of course, what is shown in the video is just an initial design and a trial version,.So the final design will be very different, and the user interface centered around the main screen. Which you can pass vertically and in the form of cards, showing the user news, maps, photos, weather and other services of Google, Google tags now.