Uber was hacked once again
A year ago, Uber was hit by a massive hacking operation targeting tens of millions of users, but the company did not officially announce it until yesterday [...]
IPhone SE 2
After Apple launched in 2016 its low-cost phone, “iPhone SE” seems to be preparing to launch the second version of these phones as described by [...]
Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to a robot (SOPHIA)
SOPHIA Robot  the saudi arabia citizent Not to far from tech world , But this time we gonna talk about Robots. At the Future Investment Initiative Economic [...]
Sony once again released Aibo the robot
    As expected, the Japanese company “Sony” revealed its new robot “Aibo” after years of absence from the arena of the [...]
In his last day of work , Twetter employer desactivate D.Trump account
Twetter employer desactivate D.Trump account   Yesterday, many people were surprised by the disappearance of the account of US President Donald Trump [...]
How to roll back from ” Windows 10 Creator Update ” to ” Windows 10 “
Ok , So in the last post , we show you to get ” Windows 10 Creators Update ” .( if you don’t see it click here).     Notice : [...]
Test confirms Face ID can be tricked on iPhone X
  Face ID Can be fooled and tricked Face ID is one of the most controversial features of the iPhone. After Finger Print technologies . Iphone consist [...]
The HP Z8, the PC worth 50 thousand dollars
The miracle comes from HP this time   When we talk about powerful computer , we see computer gamer’s in first place . 128 GB Ram , or more , [...]
Google and Levi’s announce a … connected jacket (Videos)
connected jacket from Google and Levi’s A connected jacket designed by Google in collaboration with clothing manufacturer Levi’s will be [...]
Release of the first hand-spinner phone (video)
Spinner VS Phone Spinner Phone ? Weird isn’t ? But not any more , yes guys , because Chilli International released a new phone in Spinner form . [...]