Windows-Vista End Of The Road

Microsoft announced yesterday 11/04/2017 she’s will stop technical support from Windows Vista .

The same for windows XP , in the last 3 years .




According to many experts and followers one of the worst operating systems provided by Microsoft in its history.

Microsoft is slowly moving towards completion of all previous versions of its Windows system and focusing on Windows 10 as a single system.

The Windows Vista operating system is one of the worst operating systems Microsoft has introduced since its launch.

Ten years ago, it was launched by “Steve Ballmer”, the successor to “Bill Gates”. With only 1 percent of the system Total users working on different Windows systems.

Microsoft pointed out that Windows Vista users  will not receive any technical or security update .That make them Become targets of electronic piracy trough  Security vulnerabilities and viruses . Also , application developers for this system will stop creating and updating software’s .