Beta version of Android O


While Google used to take advantage of its annual Google I / O to unveil its new Android operating system, this year Google decided to anticipate this deadline by releasing developers’ beta versions of the new Android.

Of course , new version mean more features , so , exclusively give you the opporunity to know more about Android O and his features .

What’s new in O?

Limit applications in the background


This is perhaps the most important novelty of this new version. Android O greatly reduces the permissions of applications that run in the background. In other words, they will consume less battery when they are not active. As they will no longer be able to solicit certain third party elements such as GPS. A key point for the improvement of the autonomy of smartphones.


Better management of notifications



Android O allows better management of alerts by offering “notification channels”. This will allow developers to group the notifications of their applications according to their themes. This allows users to easily choose which types of alerts they want to receive by filtering them. For example, you will only receive “Technology” notifications from a generalist media.


The picture in picture for smartphones and tablets


Picture in picture, or picture in picture, is a feature that was first launched on Android TV under Nougat. It allows the user to continue watching a video when chatting to a chat with his contacts or ordering a Uber.


Keyboard navigation


Keyboard navigation will be better supported. Google says there is a strong willingness of users to use the keyboard to navigate applications. This is still somewhat vague. But the firm promises that it is looking for ways to make the arrows and the tab key. It remains to be seen what this will give, but note that Google mentions applications on Chrome OS in this framework.

Adaptive icons


To help you integrate better with the device UI, you can now create adaptive icons that the system displays in different shapes, based on a mask selected by the device. The system also animates interactions with the icons, and uses them in the launcher, shortcuts, Settings, sharing dialogs, and in the overview screen.



Stay With for more features.