Top 10 linux distribution For 2017


a lot of people think that Linux operation system is very hard to understand they thinks are Linux users are using the terminal to make some think.
but no this idea is not true
in 2017 they are more than 90,558,837 Linux user (Reference: www. and they are more than 50 Linux distro.
and today I will show you  best 10 Linux distro.

Welcom to  Top 10 linux distribution For 2017

1. Debian

With more than 23 years in the Linux ecosystem, Debian stands out for its robustness, stability, and well-oiled release cycle. In addition, it is the distribution with the largest number of available packages and one of the top choices for servers.

The current stable release (version 8, codename Jessie) will be replaced by Debian 9 (codename Stretch) around mid 2017. There are no signs of Debian reverting back to old SysVinit as default system and process manager.




2. Ubuntu

For those individuals and companies who require professional support by a distribution’s creators, Ubuntu stands out. Although professional help is available under a support contract, Ubuntu has a large user base and the community support is outstanding as well.

In addition, Ubuntu is available both in desktop and server editions, and being based on Debian, it is also a rock-solid operating system. The Long-Term Support (LTS) editions have guaranteed support for 5 years after their release date.

In addition, you’ll see on this list that several desktop distributions are based on Ubuntu – and that is another reason for its popularity.




3. Arch Linux

Arch stands out in the Linux ecosystem because it is not based on any other distribution and yet its well know and extensively use by the community.

Arch  is great Linux distros for the people who want to learn everything about Linux I mean from zero.
with arch Linux you have to install everything manually, you will learn all the small pieces of a Linux-based operation system.
arch also one of  the most customizable distro I mean the users are free of customizing the system to them taste.

arch linux



4. Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a good and  stable, robust, and elegant Ubuntu-based distribution.

One of the reasons behind its popularity is the fact that up until version 17.x it included out of the box a lot of useful software .

in this ended with version 18, leaving it up to the users to install those packages after the operating system is up and running. To make it clear – it’s not that Linux Mint has discontinued support for multimedia codecs and other software it shipped with up until not too long ago.

It is precisely because of this that Linux Mint often is the preferred distribution of both new and experienced users – a complete operating system ready for use after installation. During 2016, 3 releases came out: 17.3 (Rosa), 18 (Sarah), and 18.1 (Serena), based on Ubuntu 14.04 (Rosa and Sarah) and 16.04 (Serena).

linux mint



5. CentOS

centOS ( community enterprise Operation System) is one of the best For servers.

it’s derived from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) sources.

its desktop version is not as popular but continues to improve its visual appearance year after year.
centOS are supported for a very long time, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading your system so often.




6. OpenSUSE

Along with Ubuntu, openSUSE is one of the cost-free alternatives to the enterprise king (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

On top of that, openSUSE is (as per its developers) the operating system of choice for both new users and geeks alike (you may agree or not, but that’s what they say).

On top of all that, the renowned and award-winning SUSE Linux Enterprise products are based on openSUSE. A new versions openSUSE Leap 42.2 was released during this year.




7. elementary

elementary OS, it was first made available in 2011 and is currently in its fourth stable (codename “Loki”, wich was released this year) is based on Ubuntu 16.04.
I think This is one of the best looking desktop distro, elementary’s well-polished visual appearance is certainly one of its distinguishing features.




8. Zorin

Zorin OS based on Ubuntu was born in Ireland, In order to appeal windows users.

the goal of this distribution is to create a  Linux operation system similar to windows, that makes windows users enjoy Linux without issues.




9. fedora

Fedora Project ( is sponsored by RedHat, Inc).
the best thing in Fedora Project is that’s always on the lead of integrating new package versions and technologies in the distribution.
also, you will find the latest and greatest software.




10. Gentoo

Gentoo has based on  Linux distribution that starts out as a live instance and requires you to then build everything you need from source.

This not only needs a big understanding of Linux but also demands more time and patience.

however, you will be rewarded with exactly the distribution you want and nothing more.

Gentoo is not new, it’s been around for quite some time; but if you want to prove your Linux skills, it helps to start with Gentoo.

gentoo linux









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