“Bad Rabbit” , Meet the new Ransamware , and know the way to protect your computer

26 October 2017 - Linux | Windows, Tech news
“Bad Rabbit” , Meet the new Ransamware , and know the way to protect your computer

What is “Bad Rabbit ” Ransamware??

This question was everywhere around the Net ” what is Bad Rabbit ransmaware?. And  I think all of you know about “Wanna Cry” Ransamware . Which  is gone right ??

Well , think again……..

Yep , this time is named “Bad Rabbit”  , this rabbit crypt your files for 0.05 BTC to have the decryption key

The virus has so far succeeded in attacking the Odessa Airport , Ukrainian ministry of transport ,Metro Kiev and a group of Russian press  institution as well in Turkey and Bulgaria at different levels .

How does the virus spread? And how protect your self ?

Well , the virus spread in an imaginary update to the Adobe Flash Player program . And   the virus comes with some tools to help him to spread into the network. For that it spread quickly across many countries in short time .


Just the moment the virus comes into your computer , it crypt all your data and files , then it replaced  the MBR (Master Boot records ) . Once he finish , he reboot your computer then appear the ugly message asked you to visit Hackers web site to pay 0.05 BTC














Let’s move now to protection tips . If you have Flash program in your computer .Do Not Update it ( if you need to update , use official adobe web site )

Block thous extensions from your device



And Last thing , Stop WMI service to prevent the Ransamware from spread in your network.

I hope this was helpful




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