Nokia 3310

Phones , Smart Phones , Tablets , are rarely found in the last 20 years . But technology revolution forced those devices to be in our life . in fact , they manage our life , and make our  virtual existence . And when we talk about phones , specially old one , should talk about the legendary NOKIA 3310 . Yeh that device who make all the world talk about him . And as we know , NOKIA 3310 or ( i give him “ THE BEAST “ as name )Have been dead  :’(

After Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia in September 2013. THE BEAST is no longer existed  . This make many company’s come and try harder to take his place in The global market for phones. Like Alcatel ( Alcatel one touch D1050 ) and Samsung ( R1200) or Chinese company also want to take a part from the global market. But this is no longer available. Nokia has officially announced she’s back. A company set up by former Nokia employees called HMD Global has licensed the Nokia brand name from Microsoft . HMD Global will bring back to life the legendary NOKIA 3310 , and that what happened . The head of HMD Global, Arto Nummela, said: “Consumers may be carrying different smartphones now, but are they really in love and loyal to those brands?”

So , NOKIA 3310 have been returned  . It was unveiled during HMD Global press conference at on Sunday, Feb. 26.


THE BEAST will return with new features . a new OS ( based on Nokia Series 30+ ) , new design , camera , SD card slot

Say hi to the legendary  NOKIA 3310 . Welcome back 🙂