Google and Huawei launch rival to Raspberry Pi

                      Google and Huawei launch rival to Google and Huawei unveiled their first laptop, which aims to rival the famous computer "Raspberry Pi". The new device will carry the name "Huawei HiKey 960"...
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5 things you will not believe hackers can Breakthrough

To be a hacker you should not just understand the commands and access to them, but you should be familiar with the entire system of the device you want to penetrate, today not only penetration on computers or servers, but beyond these devices to others may be...
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The Top 10 Best VPN Apps 2017 For Android

VPN  or (Virtual Private Networks) the best solution for our problems this day, we use VPN not only let you access to the blocked sites also he have the great privacy to your internet connection and they hide and encrypt your data from the hackers and The intruders....
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Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update , features Microsoft announced four days ago on its blog to launch a new update to the version of Windows 10, which came as "Windows 10 Creators". So , in this post , and like usually , team will share this update with you....
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Nmap For Windows | Nmap / Zenmap Tutorials For Windows

All we know that Nmap is the most popular Hacking tool ,  it's also the most powerful network scanner and analyzer. This tool is one of the important tools you have to master to become a good hacker or pentester, So learning Nmap is a must. there are more than 283...
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Bye bye windows vista

Windows-Vista End Of The Road Microsoft announced yesterday 11/04/2017 she's will stop technical support from Windows Vista . The same for windows XP , in the last 3 years .       According to many experts and followers one of the worst operating...
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Windows 10 : Easy way Turn Off Windows Automatic Update

windows 10 or any windows operation system need an update, and an updated operation system is secure system and that mean that version has great support always fixed their bugs. there are many reasons you should know about updating windows 10 before you stop it....
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Galaxy Note 8

GALAXY NOTE 8 We talk once about a rumors for Note 8 . Today Team come to you again with a probably picture of the Galaxy Note 8 . in 29/03/2017 , Samsung released the new Galaxy s8 & Galaxy  s8 plus in new-York , a phone comes with huge...
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What is “Zero-day” attack

Zero-day attack   Many hackers today use a serval type of cyber attack . We heard about the DOS/DDOS attack , MITM ( Man In The Middle ) .....     So , with this huge library of cyber attacks , which is dangerous to practice it , even kind some hard to...
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After being denied in the past .. Samsung confirms the renewal of Note 7 Galaxy phones . Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus released today

Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Samsung released yesterday 28/03/2017 an update for Note 7 that will make him unchangeable when the batteries is over . this is a step from Samsung to stop once for all the damage happened in the Note7. And as we said in the last post about...
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